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Welcome to Tynwald Primary School website. We are a school with a holistic approach to education and we mould a Global citizen.
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To provide Quality and relevant education to all our pupils.
To effectively and efficiently promote their physical, intellectual, social and cultural development.
To enable pupils to participate fully in society and the economy thus facilitating the creation of a self sustaining, peaceful and internationally competitive nation.
Headmaster's Remarks

Welcome to Tynwald Primary School. We are proud to make a huge announcement that we are the best. We have stood the test of time and have remained resolute. Our major strength has been in the trust and faith from our stakeholders whom we have never failed. Even in these dark hours of ucertainty because of the Global pandemic (Covid 19) we continue to deliver to the best of our ablity.

As a school our aim is to accomodate every child and identfy their strengths and areas of weakeness thus moulding a fearless, courageous citizen. We offer different activities that help the school grow and this is why we continue to make waves when it comes to delivering. We therefore are not afraid to safely tell the world that we are indeed a Global brand and up above the skies we will fly above. Once again we welcome you to our page.

Yours Sincerely

Nesbert Marime
School Headmaster

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